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Over $1 Billion Transaction Volume

The Gorelick Group has orchestrated more than 450 residential real estate transactions in California since 2007 totaling over $1 billion in transaction volume.

500+ Real Estate Transactions 

The Gorelick Group specializes not only in working with residential and commercial buyers and sellers, but also in advising on finance, development, re-entitlement and conversion.

The Gorelick Group is here for you.

The Gorelick Group is a real estate powerhouse with an enviable breadth of experience across many facets of the industry. With 17 years in the business — 10 of that focused solely on California real estate — The Gorelick Group works with buyers, sellers and investors with a particular expertise in sophisticated and complex projects. Above all, the team is dedicated to closing transactions quickly, smoothly and effectively.

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Scott Gorelick

Scott Gorelick, is a real estate and tech entrepreneur, lender, developer, advisor, founder, mortgage broker, and real estate agent. He combines skills to provide exceptionally well-rounded real estate and business expertise to his clientele. Known as a diligent hard worker, Scott prides himself on his ability to assimilate information and present it to his clients in a way that's actionable and digestible. "I love finance, I understand the process, and I'm able to walk clients through it in a way they can understand and trust."